Monitoring of clinical condition
  1. Take regular vital signs
  2. Monitoring of blood glucose/INR as required
  3. Taking bloods if required
  4. Communicating all necessary information to GP’s and or hospital consultants as necessary
Wound care
  1. Change dressings and wound assessment.
  1. To give a detailed explanation of patient's medication and any possible side effects
  2. Administer prescribed intravenous drugs
  3. Ensure medication is taken at the right dose and the right time
  1. To undertake physiotherapy exercises
  2. Give advice on preventing bed sores
  3. Give advice on preventing falls
Patient Educating
  1. Discuss why patient has been ill and explain the normal recovery course
  2. Through health education to try and prevent readmission to hospital
  3. Give advice on dietary requirements following an illness
Detailed Explanation
  1. Give a detailed explanation of a patient’s medication including any possible side effects.
Safety of home environment
  1. Ensure patient has ease and safe access to toilet facilities
  2. Ensure patient has easy access to food and water at all times
  3. Ensure there is safe heating and correct clothing at all times
  1. To provide companionship
  1. Communicate all necessary information to GPs and hospital consultants where appropriate.


Following an illness

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